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The Most Common Wine Label Sizes

Let’s discuss candle label requirements in the USA, how these labels influence buyer decisions and review the practices of two major candle brands, Yankee Candle and Bath & Body Works.

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Holographic Labels For Beauty Products

Holographic stock is a material that has a multi-dimensional appearance and changes color as it moves in the light. The iridescent effect that this stock creates adds depth and dimension to your label’s design. This makes it a popular choice for beauty products such as perfumes, skincare, and makeup as it adds a touch of luxury and glamour to the packaging.

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Approved Signature on Art Proof

What Are Proofs and Why Are They Important?​

The proof is the final quality control check before the printer produces your label, and it’s a critical step to ensure that you love your final product. Here at Pacer Labels, we take proofs seriously.

So, what are proofs exactly? And why do they matter? Read to learn more!

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Pacer Labels Online Designer Template and Art Sample

What Is ‘Bleed’ In Printing & How to Format Your Label Artwork for Best Printing​

What factors differentiate a beautiful and professional-looking label from a label that looks poorly made and unprofessional? One of these factors is the use of a printer bleed. But what exactly is a printer bleed?

To help you navigate this concept, we’ve put together this guide to explain what printer bleeds are, why they are essential to your design, and some of the terminology you will encounter in the label printing industry regarding printer bleeds.

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THC / CBD Container Labels

Finishing Touches: Everything You Need to Know About Laminations and Finishes for Labels

Labels are an essential piece of your product. They are what your consumers first experience when they look at and handle your product. The packaging and the label often form your customers’ first impressions of your product. A high-quality label can win new customers, and a poor-quality one can discourage customers from purchasing your product. In this guide, we’ll go over everything you need to know about laminating and finishing options so that you don’t spend money on selections that aren’t perfect for your needs!

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