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Welcome To Muse Online Designer

Design your labels for free using Muse. Choose from thousands of free templates, backgrounds, clipart, elements, fonts, images and more. Log in to your account to start using Muse or sign up to become a reseller and start using Muse today.

Using Muse is easy and hassle-free. Scroll down to view our tutorials and learn how to navigate Muse.


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One of the benefits of creating an account at Pacer Label is access to our MUSE Online Designer.

The Muse Online Designer features resources and tools to help you create the perfect labels.

They are organized into seven Resource Elements located on the left side of the design editor, where you can add and customize elements to your label design.

Scroll this page to learn more about each Resource Element and using the Design Area.

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The Muse Online Designer from Pacer Labels offers hundreds of free templates in over a dozen different categories that are ready to use as your design launching point. We are frequently adding new templates so don’t forget to check the template library for new additions each time you use the designer!

Quickly find and locate your design template using categories, tags, and keywords.

To select and use your chosen template, drag your mouse and drop it onto the label design area.


Over 7,000 free clipart items in over 175 different categories are ready to use to include in your label design.

Quickly find and locate clipart using categories, tags, and keywords.

To select and use your chosen clipart graphic, drag your mouse and drop it to the label design area.


Upload your pictures or sync from your Facebook social account.

Get free images from our free gallery or from open-source image stock libraries such as Pixabay, Unsplash, and Brust.

Quickly sort with image categories, tags, and keywords.

To select your chosen image, drag your mouse, and drop it to the label design area.


To use text in your design, reach to this tab and select from over 1000+ Google Fonts.

To set your chosen text, drag your mouse and drop it to the label design area to edit.


The shapes in Muse Online Designer are in vector format, which helps to ensure that your design has smooth details. You can add more shapes or choose from our extensive library of pre-designed shapes.


All layers which you added to the product will display on this tab. You can show/hide layers via the visibility option or delete layers.

To change the order to back or forward other layers, drag and drop them.

Lock/Unlock layers to Disable/Enable modify tools on that one.


This tab allows you to draw freestyle. You can select the color, size of the bush.

Just click on the color you want to use and draw what you want into the editor area.


This is the most important part of the Pacer Design Tool editor. It is a preview for all added layers. Click on each layer to edit or drag the mouse to adjust all layers.

There are several parts of the design area:

  • Object editor: Customize the selected object color and effect.
  • Zoom tools: Scroll to zoom in or zoom out.
  • Stages switcher: switch design view to other stage or product.
  • Design area: The range for design
  • Toolbar: The options for selected layers include arranges, transform, and position.

The left toolbar where you can add effects to your picture.

To enable this toolbar, click on an image, and it’ll appear on the top of the design editor.

This toolbar allows you to:

  • Crop Images
  • Image Masking
  • Removing Image Backgrounds
  • Image Filter Effects

The crop image feature allows you to crop the image with the exact position you put into the viewer.


Do you want to mask text with complex background from another image?

Yeah, try the Mask feature in our Online Design Tool, it makes your text more awesome


There’s no need for Photoshop knowledge to remove the image background.

Simply drag your mouse, and everything is taken care of automagically!


Instantly, make your image professional with 20+ filters which ready to use.

This feature helps you make the image have a significant effect as a filter of the camera.


There are four options on the right toolbar that allow you to customize the picture position, transform, and color.

To enable the layout toolbar, click on an image, and it’ll appear on the top of the design editor.

This toolbar allows you to:

  • Adjust Fill Colors
  • Arrange Layers
  • Object Position
  • Object Transformation

Shape, image, and text are three objects that you can apply this fill option. 

The Fill Color helps users fill a solid color to the selected objects.

Follow these steps to work with the tool:

  1. Drag your mouse to select the layer you want to fill color.
  2. Click on the Fill Color icon on the toolbar.
  3. Select a color from preset colors or enter a custom value by click on input Click to choose color.
  4. To save custom color just press the plus (+) button next to add.
  5. Transparent help you change the opacity of the filled color.
  6. Stroke width + Stroke color allow you to make the border color for the current layer.

The Pacer Design editor works with elements on layers.

Quickly arrange the selected object position either backward or forward.

Follow these steps to work with this tool:

  1. Chose the layer you want to change.
  2. Click on the Arrange Layers icon on the toolbar.
  3. Select Forward or Back action to change the object order.

Whether you want to place your design element in the right corner or center, the Object Position tool allows you to place the selected object in the correct position with one click.

Switch the Lock object position to YES, if you want to continue design without affecting the currently selected object.

Follow steps to work with this tool:

  1. Select the layer or object you want to move
  2. Click on the Position icon on the toolbar
  3. Choose the position you wish to move the layer to.

When using the transform tool directly, it is hard to know how many degrees the selected object is rotated or flipped. 

The Design Tool provides a manual way to set transform values for a layer.

Follow steps to work with the tool:

  1. Select the layer you want to change.
  2. Click on the Transform icon on the toolbar.
  3. Adjust the values you want to set.

The values you can set for the object as bellow:

  • Rotate: the edge of an object. start from 0 – 360
  • Skew X: skews layer along the X-axis by the given angle
  • Skew Y: skews layer along the Y-axis by the given angle
  • Flip X: Horizontal flip your layer
  • Flip Y: Vertical flip your layer.

Of course, you can cancel all applied values by press the Reset All Transform button.

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